Pure Electric Vehicles are in demand amongst company car drivers in recent years. Recent surveys have revealed that 1 in 5 company car drivers would change their automobiles for Pure Electric Vehicles. With the new CO2 focused regulations, that will take place by the end of 2020 in the EU, companies are going to have to change their way of dealing with their fleet management.HB Dennis Leasing - Electric car

An ambitious level of gas emissions set by the EU

The level of emissions of greenhouse gas manufacturers will have to be reduced significantly. For a brand-new car in the EU it will have to be reduced by 36% (from 130g/km to 95g/km).

This regulation will affect every car producer worldwide and therefore from 2020 US emissions will also have to be under 95g/km. China and Japan also have to reduce their production by 2021 by 117g/km and 122g/km respectively.

The regulation states that every private car fleet has emission reductions to make and each manufacturing company’s reductions are calculated on a group basis with allowances for vehicle weight.

The Worldwide harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure has implications for new cars and vans registered in the EU from 2021 . This means that the limit of emissions will have to be 15% lower by 2025 and 37.5% by 2030.


Electric Powertrains VS Fuel injection Powertrains

According to the same survey, 44% of the people asked would go for an electric powertrain as their next company car. 21 % of the same people asked would also go for a Pure Electric vehicle (21%) rather than a plug-in Hybrid or a mild Hybrid (respectively 13% and 10%). Diesel Powertrain leads this poll with 43% and about 11% of the people asked said they would still go for a petrol powertrain.


A growing interest

The interest for electric cars has been increasing since 2017. Previously, only 15% only of people asked showed interest for electric motoring and nowadays nearly 40% would get one has their next purchase (source from  Close Motor Finance)

A more competitive price range

The market in Europe has quickly evolved in terms of pricing. In the past few years both the affordability and variety of cars has greatly improved. This, together with improved range and charging times, means this really is the time of the electric car.